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The story of OijOij begins with a group of car enthusiasts who genuinely share the same passion for stance, car culture, and socializing. Our vision is to bring together daring and creative people who are driven to express themselves in new and unique ways.

OijOij was founded in 2008 but was called until 2010. Then, our horizons broadened and we realized that it is possible to build on more cars than German cars, OijOij was born.

Who is OijOij? - Simply put, "a lovely bunch of enthusiast".


We are a regular fixture at Elmia, where we host "Hall X" showcasing the latest trends in the stance world. In neighboring Norway, you can find us at the Oslo Motorshow, where we aim to make new connections and reach out to enthusiasts in our neighboring country. Throughout the season, you can find us at various car meets across Europe. Don't hesitate to say hello!



We are a great bunch with a shared sense of community and passion.



We are a group of passionate car enthusiasts with a burning interest in media and design. You can find us at car meets, events, and maybe even garage visits in your area.

Want to get in touch with one of us? Don't hesitate to reach out!

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